PCB Fabrication

We Are Professional in PCB Fabrication & PCB Assembly (PCBA)


Founded in 2003
Experienced in PCB

Headquarters Shenzhen


ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT Quality Control


Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits


ROHS Compliant

PCB Fabrication

High Tech Capable PCB contract Manufacturer

ZOWYEH dedicated to implementing ongoing innovations in PCB technology to meet the challenge of unrelenting advances in electronic equipment performance. we remain committed to investing in the equipment and human talent required ensuring that your designs translate into fully realized products.

ZOWYEH have the technological capabilities to produce your most advanced and demanding PCB products quickly with consistent quality and service. Through the years, we have provided innovative design & practical PCB solutions to company in all diversified fields that covers China,USA, Europe, Africa, Australia & South East Asia etc.

We are always ready to provide technical support, after sales service, on time quality products which we strongly believes & will continue to maintain.

Our Commitment to our customer is to provide Quality Printed Circuit Boards that are delivered on time & outstanding customer service. Since we are involve in all the three phases of process, customer will be assured of the exceptional product integration, as well as time efficient and cost effective results.

Your PCB fabrications at prototype and production volumes can incorporate advanced materials, mixed constructions, high stack layers as well as other unique specifications.